Retail Store Availability

Initially we had stock ordered and expected there to be enough stock to begin supplying National Pharmacies and some other pharmacy retailers.

After lengthy delays and even greater online demand we were forced to inform National Pharmacies that sufficient stock to supply their stores was not going to be available until 2016.

There are a few individual retailers who have placed orders with us and they will be supplied however as for supplying retail pharmacy and health food groups the lead times on supply are beyond what their ordering systems allow for, namely 3 – 4 months out.

We have been forced to resort to supplying our online customers only.

There is the possibility that we may have to do away with single item purchases in the near future and only offer subscriptions. Even then these new subscriptions may have to be suspended as soon as they are initiated and re-activated only when stock becomes available. With subscriptions stock requirements can be forecast well into the future and resources can be managed to ensure supply.

Singles or non-subscription purchases are still being offered at the moment.