Please contribute to the discussion & benefit yourself & others

One individual’s thoughtful question can benefit so many others.

Up until now I have answered many enquiries on a one on one basis. However I strongly encourage enquirers to write up their questions in the comments box below the posts and then the question and the answer can benefit others, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of times over.

All comments go via a moderator to ensure it is not spam, offensive or repetitive. So your comment may take a day or two to come up so please be patient and check back in later.

If you asked a question and you would like even more information than was provided in the initial answer, please ask away again. Am happy to expand the depth of the answer if people are interested.

So please, contribute your questions to the comments box and the answers can benefit many others, many times over – worldwide.

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Please contribute to the discussion & benefit yourself & others — 1 Comment

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