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Many of you would have seen the media last night.

The video will be posted on the Today Tonight SA site in a few days. So for those of you who missed it please keep checking.

The very brief exposure gave people only a tiny glimpse of the whole story behind Condrosulf. It is an epic tale spanning decades. It involves global institutions, battles with big pharma, some won, some lost, a disturbing proximity to the biggest medical journal scandal so far this century and some say in modern medical publishing history, yet even so the full story still remains, uninvestigated and untold.

Except all you need to know at this point in time is that Condrosulf has survived, it exists, it is safe and Australia is the first English speaking country in the world with access to it’s own supply.

In amongst all that has happened over the decades Condrosulf’s highly advanced Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturing and research has kept steadily working away and leading the world from its Swiss mountain hideaway.

A few trial results later and enter a cast of 1000’s of colorfully packaged, sports celebrity endorsed wannabe health supplements who wish they were Condrosulf and quite simply, by sheer weight of numbers, completely bury Condrosulf from public view. Condrosulf’s medical literature is shamelessly and repeatedly borrowed, yet when you put your glasses on and read the fine print you will often discover the medical trial they claim for the science behind their ‘joint health’ products is actually Condrosulf’s literature. Even though the manufacturing standard of the health supplement product bears no resemblance whatsoever to Condrosulf’s medical standards of manufacture. Certainly the world’s leading specialists in this area have that opinion, except unless you keep the world’s leading medical journals on your side table for a bit of light bed time reading you will never know about this.

Condrosulf is the product that was actually in the trials. Real, credible medical trials published in real, credible medical journals. The ones that your rheumatologist actually reads, or ought to, if they had the time. Sometimes, some of them do.

Enter big pharma with literally an army of either ‘well presented’ (aka very good looking) or ‘personable’ (funny and likable), or perhaps both, very well paid pharmaceutical reps. Drilled by the companies that earn the billions, these are the foot soldiers that keep your GP, healthcare professional and rheumatologist on page, with reams of extremely glossy brochures and every ridiculous knick knack you can think of with a logo and the brand of the latest pill. Anyone for a bubble pen? They were so popular amongst the nursing staff people still sigh wistfully with their passing. Tried one out once – I have to admit is was fun.

Condrosulf has never had a bubble pen, a sports celebrity endorsement and in Australia, no army of reps kicking down your doctor’s door – so, if you want to find out what on earth I am talking about, what on earth Condrosulf is, I am sorry, you are going to have get a cup of tea, put your glasses on and sit down and read.

That’s enough for now. More to follow.

Please check back.

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Just how can that happen?!

To be perfectly honest, I am not entirely sure – my answers really are only the best ones I can put together from nearly 20 years in the game and the best facts I can get my hands on.

If anyone reads my posts and they have something they think I ought to know – I am all ears.

Every group needs someone who can read. They are very important to their friends and family who may not.

Please be that person.

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