FACTS Hand & Finger Arthritis Trial

Condrosulf’s Latest Trial Results – The FACTS Trial

The Finger osteoArthritis Chondroitin Treatment Study (FACTS) was completed in 2010 and the results published in the American College of Rheumatology’s medical journal Arthritis & Rheumatism Volume 63, Issue 11, pages 3383–3391, November 2011.

While the trial results were first published in November 2011 the full text has only become freely available to practitioners and members of the public since November 2012.

The trial conclusion reads “Condrosulf (CS) improves hand pain and function in patients with symptomatic OA of the hand and shows a good safety profile.”

The trial results were announced in an American College of Rheumatology press release.

There was commentary from many medical blogs. One of the most widely read is here.

Condrosulf is a medical grade chondroitin with a large body of peer reviewed published medical literature to support its claims to efficacy.

While many health supplement/nutraceutical chondroitins use Condrosulf’s literature in marketing campaigns there is no recognition by world leading researchers, or the  manufacturers of Condrosulf, IBSA, as to any suggested similarity between Condrosulf’s 98% pure chondroitin 4 & 6 isomer formulation and the large number of health supplement/nutraceutical  chondroitins heavily promoted to consumers in many countries throughout the world.

Condrosulf has the alternative spelling of Chondrosulf or Condrosulf depending on its country of distribution. Australian Condrosulf is Swiss Condrosulf overlay labelled with English language labels. It is drawn from Swiss Condrosulf stocks and still has Swiss regulatory authority (Swissmedic) markings on the packet in addition to the Australian regulatory authority’s (TGA)’s markings.

Condrosulf Australia customers can be doubly assured they are purchasing safe, genuine product that has been through two of the most rigorous medical regulatory authorities in the world.

The Condrosulf formulation used in the FACTS hand and finger arthritis trial is now available for purchase from this website.

Other clinical trials and medical literature related to the use of Condrosulf for hand and finger arthritis are as follows:

Verbruggen, G., Goemaere, S., Veys, E. M. Chondroitin sulfate: S/DMOAD (structure/disease modifying anti-osteoarthritis drug) in the treatment of finger joint OA. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 6 (Suppl. A): 37 – 38; 1998.

Verbruggen, G., Veys, E. M. Influence of Chondroitin 4&6 Sulfate on finger osteoarthritis in a double-blind, controlled study versus placebo. Litera Rheumatologica 24: 43 – 47; 1998.


FACTS Hand & Finger Arthritis Trial — 5 Comments

  1. Could you email me your information pack on Condrosulf 400mg capsules
    please. Can one take these alongside Glucosomine MSM tablets ?
    Thank you Maer White.

  2. Hi there, I have been reading up on this Condrosulf and it sounds promising,I am 47years old and have oestoarthritis in most joints in my body, my hands are most of the time very sore,weak and the heberdens nodes are ugly and disfiguring, taking the advice from above I am going to ask my doctor about Condrosulf as I need something to slow down the effects of my arthritis and maybe even over time get some relief.

    • Hi Linda, happy to send a ‘Medical Practitioners Information Pack’ either to you to give to your doctor or directly to your doctor. It contains considerably more detailed medical information on Condrosulf than is on the website. While there is adequate information on line for your doctor to make any decisions an information pack provides it to him/her in a convenient hard copy form to read and refer to at their leisure. If you would like a ‘Medical Practitioners Information Pack’ sent please forward an address for it to be mailed to.

      Otherwise you could simply forward this email to your doctor with the FACTS Hand Arthritis Trial and Full Text links and it will make it easy for them to find what they are probably going to be interested in most.

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