Delivery Delays

Update 07-11-2015 Stock is being labelled and dispatches are being packed for post Monday – thank you for your patience – may be a week before all dispatches are completed.
The media was broadcast in WA and SA across a population of 4 million people. We had an enormous response from the public and I am sorry to say we were out of stock very quickly.
We apologise for being out of stock and the wait, however we are expecting more Condrosulf to be here in 10 -15 working days.


Update 07-11-2015 – Reactivation of Subscriptions beginning in about a week

(September) Having said that in the few days we will be ‘suspending’ all debits to Condrosulf subscriber accounts until the Condrosulf has actually been dispatched. This is so there will be no monthly debits until customers have their Condrosulf.
So in the immediate future you will receive a notification from PayPal saying your Condrosulf subscription debits have been suspended.
We will re-activate the subscriptions once the Condrosulf has been dispatched to customers.
So when you see an email from PayPal saying your Condrosulf subscription has been re-activated you will know that your Condrosulf will be with you in the next couple of days.
If you want to refund and cancel you subscription it can be done pretty much instantly so please let us know if you want that to happen.
Having said that if you come back and re-order please be aware the dispatches of Condrosulf are on a first in first out basis.
Everyone that has ordered since the media can be guaranteed of having their Condrosulf dispatched with the next issue of stock.

Single Packet Purchases

All single packet purchases currently received will also make the first dispatch of stock expected in 10 -15 working days.

If that is too long for people we are always happy to refund except if they come back later and re-order they unfortunately start again in the queue.
If you want to cancel and refund please let us know, if happy to wait there is no need to do anything.
Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

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