Customer Service Email


Update 07-11-2015 Transfer to new high security web hosting facility completed over the weekend and we are hoping to reactivate the primary customer email within a few days.

Shortly after media our primary customer service email was heavily spammed and in a security update was lost it and it remains down.

If your order was within the first couple of weeks after the media this email, that is temporarily down, was the email contact provided with your order and if you attempt to email it your message will be returned as undeliverable.

This is not very convenient and we apologise for this and are working to resolve it as soon as possible. However we can still be contacted via numerous means.

If I provide an alternative email here it too will be attacked so please use the secure means of the contact page on this website, the customer service number (08) 8339 5008 or if your order was more recent, the secondary customer service email that has been listed as the company contact with PayPal in recent orders, and is fully operational.