Most Condrosulf subscribers become long term customers

Condrosulf is an exceptional product operating in a market dominated by brands that have much room for improvement. If only Condrosulf’s commitment to medical research was matched by more manufacturers in the chondroitin industry.

Condrosulf holds up a lantern in the dark storm of confusion that is the non-prescription joint health sector. Condrosulf is often hard to see and hard to find. Yet when stumbled upon, or finally discovered after some earnest research, Condrosulf offers an improvement in quality of life much valued by those who form a relationship with it.

Condrosulf was first registered as a medical grade chondroitin sulfate in 1982. That is 31 years now and predates any other chondroitin joint health health supplement/nutraceutical, let alone medical product by almost two decades. Condrosulf is almost completely alone when it comes to medical grade chondroitin products.

It is completely and totally on its own if you consider the evidence from a large body of peer reviewed published medical literature with numerous RCTs (Randomly Controlled Trials) to be a necessary accompanient to therapeutic claims. The shark derived Condrosulf that is supplied by this website has a long history in research on knee, hip, hand and finger joints. It was 15 years ago its particular affinity for finger and hand arthritis came to the fore. Thus prompting further clinical trials specifically in this area.

While the Swiss origin shark derived Condrosulf has been demonstrated in clinical trials to be effective in significantly retarding the progression of arthritis in joints other than the hands and fingers it is difficult not to be excited by the “FACTS Hand and Finger’ ┬átrial results that became widely available to the public in November 2012.

In the excitement it is easy to forget that this is in fact the third such Condrosulf trial in this area. While Condrosulf first caught my attention in 1996, 17 years ago, I was busy working on other projects in the chondroitin sulfate industry until in 2007. While I was not short for opportunities, I simply could no longer ignore what IBSA had achieved with Condrosulf and CS Ethical Pty Ltd was incorporated 6 years ago to make Condrosulf available to Australians and many other countries in the world via this website.

When the website was first developed it was an experimental addition to a very standard Australian pharmaceutical wholesaling company. Yet consumers and in particular the very determined group of long term subscribers whose constant and valuable contributions to the development of the website shaped its evolution. Since the latest Condrosulf trial results on fingers and hands became available traffic to the website has trebled in the recent past and continues to steadily grow.

It appears the English speaking world is finally and slowly beginning to discover a highly credible and extremely academic quiet achiever that has worked steadily for decades producing a product of exceptional quality for European health systems and patients. Condrosulf and its Swiss manufacturer IBSA are traditionally a very conservative product and institution. It is really only the lightning fast development of technology and e-commerce that has enabled Condrosulf to migrate beyond its traditional habitat of European national health systems out into the wider world.

A recent review of our Condrosulf subscribers revealed that most people who try a Condrosulf subscription become long term subscribers.

It seems Condrosulf subscribers choose their company carefully.

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