Condrosulf Medical Literature Available

Condrosulf has a large body of peer reviewed published literature to support its claims to efficacy.

Medical literature is available for distribution from Condrosulf Australia to health professionals in any English speaking country.

Condrosulf medical literature is technical in nature and it would require appropriate qualifications in a relevant healthcare discipline for it to be of value to its recipient.

It can be distributed via electronic means or hard copies sent by mail upon the receipt of a request and a determination that the request is a bona fide enquiry.

If health professionals could please also provide the name of their place of practice, teaching institution or a reference to a publication they have contributed to. All details will be kept in confidence and are only required in order to validate the request.

The Condrosulf Description is international material that provides healthcare professionals a useful summary of Condrosulf’s characteristics.  This material was authored for use in countries where Condrosulf is already available through national health systems.

In an Australian regulatory context this material is only suitable for medical professionals. It is not suitable for use as promotional literature to Australian consumers.

While Condrosulf, in an international context, is frequently referred to as a prescription product, in Australia it has been determined to have a safety profile that does not require medical supervision.


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