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Real Benefits to Sufferers of Osteoarthritis 

Condrosulf® is a slow acting cartilage structure modifying agent.

Condrosulf is a medical grade chondroitin sulfate manufactured by IBSA Biochimique, Lugano Switzerland.

Condrosulf® has been demonstrated in clinical trials to significantly slow the erosion of cartilage and improve mobility in joints affected by osteoarthritis. Particularly in hands.

There is usually both measurable pain relief and significant retardation of joint space loss within the first few months after commencing the use of Condrosulf®.

The real benefit of Condrosulf® is in the longer term where numerous medical studies have shown pain relief is achieved while at the same time modifying the structure of the cartilage so that the progression of osteoarthritis is significantly slowed. Please read about our latest trial result.

Purified Active Ingredients

There are many different commonly occurring types (isomers) of chondroitin sulphate.

Of these, only two are effective against osteoarthritis, chondroitin sulphate-4 and chondroitin sulphate-6. The role and the importance of isomer specific chondroitin sulphate is repeatedly emphasised by world leading researchers.

However awareness of this very important distinction is yet to permeate the wider medical fraternity.

This has resulted in much confusion about chondroitin’s efficacy (ability to work) when the distinction between medical grade isomer specific chondroitin and health supplement/nutraceutical chondroitin is not understood.

Condrosulf® is made by the Swiss pharmaceutical company IBSA which uses an advanced process to produce a 98% pure blend of chondroitin sulphate-4 and chondroitin sulphate-6 isomers.

Reduced Reliance on Pain Killers

Many current treatments for osteoarthritis focus on relieving pain without targeting the underlying cause.

Some NSAID painkillers have serious side effects.  In a recent 2 year study, participants using both NSAID painkillers and Condrosulf® used 17% less NSAIDS than participants using NSAIDs alone.

Retards and Arrests Joint Space Loss

While Condrosulf® reduces pain and reliance on pain killers, it has also been demonstrated in clinical trials to slow joint space loss by over 70%. Clinical trials have also revealed Condrosulf’s® ability, in many cases, to completely arrest joint space loss. Condrosulf® is widely used as an effective means of significantly retarding and stabilising joint space loss.

Now Available in Australia

Condrosulf® was listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods in 2007 and is now available for online purchase and delivery to Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, the UK, Ireland and some continental European countries. Recently National Pharmacies entered Condrosulf into their retail stores however they will be out of stock for another 2 – 3 weeks.